Ink and Blood

A Poem by Anushka Dey

Let my blood and flesh be replaced by metal and ink

On and on I shall write and never swink

Holds such power the swipe of a simple pen

Commands the swords of a hundred mighty men

The Doctor’s nib announces alike death and birth

Brings in terrible grief or glee and mirth

The glow of literature overshadows time and tides

Unshed tears in sad ballads the author skilfully hides

Discover and invent the scientists , new terms are coined

Legislation to execution all the work of a petty ball point

Declaration of war make battle cries ring, while peace the treaties bring

The stories of brave hearts the quill is assigned to sing

Silent companion when you write letters to dearest

The pen and diary are world’s secret keeper the best

Ink blotches on desk one can wipe

But bloodshed the human heart cannot survive