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Welcome to The Ruskin Journal – the student magazine for Anglia Ruskin University. The Journal – colloquially termed The R.J. – is an outlet for aspiring writers and journalists to come together and share their ideas with like-minded individuals. Try your hand at reporting current affairs, reviewing books, shows and movies, celebrating our sporting successes, lifestyle reporting, cultural analysis, photography and illustration, or anything else that you’re passionate about. The Journal prides itself on the diversity of its content.

For general inquiries, please contact the society mailbox.
For specific inquiries, please contact a member of the current committee.

SU Space, Peter Taylor House, Cambridge Campus

Brief History

Established in February 2017, The Ruskin Journal started life as the personal project of its founders: Elle Haywood and Hanushka Karnani. However, soon after they’d returned to university that year, the two were encouraged to found a student society to help grow the fledgling publication, and so the Journal published it’s first article in March the following month.

Content Disclaimer

Comments made by our contributors do not reflect the views of Anglia Ruskin University, The Ruskin Journal, or the Students’ Union.

The Ruskin Journal works in cooperation with various different departments of Anglia Ruskin University and the Students’ Union. If you have any comments or concerns regarding our content, please get in touch with a member of the current committee.

The Ruskin Journal works in accordance with the NUS Student Media Guidelines, as well as the NUJ Code of Conduct. All committee members have received a degree of formal media training courtesy of the Students’ Union.

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