‘Omkar for Vice President, Business & Law’ – SU Election 2020

By Omkar Singh – Business & Law Vice Presidental Candidate – I am Omkar. I am pursuing a Master’s in International Business and I am running…

By Omkar Singh – Business & Law Vice Presidental Candidate

Hello ARUians,

I am Omkar. I am pursuing a Master’s in International Business and I am running for Vice President (Business & Law). I received my Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2017 and then I went on starting my two own start-ups (stumansys.com and Raauni Industries). Being in’ and growing in’ Business sector is always what I dream of. Today at ARU, I’ am here to explore the unexplored, learn and socialise. Ups and downs and failures have made me a man with stronger intellect and embedded prominent qualities such as emotional intelligence, patience, self- confidence, ability to move out of comfort zone and being an optimist.

I was in my 7th grade when the seed of leadership sown in me. Since then I actively participated in school and college-level student unions. Being a class representative addressing the whole school, the journey was filled with great learnings. I acquire zeal to serve society irrespective of any differences. I have done various social activities such as teaching 20 underprivileged children every day for free, I use to weekly teach in OMKAR for Vice-president (Business and Law) government-run schools where the actual quality of education was left undelivered. I also collaborated with multiple NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization) or NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations) to bring awareness and make people understand the importance of each vote in general elections.

My Ideology: “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means “the world is one family”.

Campaign Poster – Omkar Singh

My ARU Experience:

During the first week of the university, I had to go through difficulties in finding accommodation and maintaining hygiene food and also coping up with studies at the same time. It also took me a while to understand the system but hopefully I covered up as quickly as possible. I find our earlier batches of Student union executive post and all the societies have done a marvellous job, If not student life wouldn’t have been that smooth as it is now. Hence I prepared my manifesto after going through intensive research on students and collecting the feedback and problems they faced. The demographics of the research includes diverse student base. Therefore, the manifesto prepared by me is not be considered as my one-sided opinion rather than it is your manifesto, it is every student’s manifesto.


What I will do after winning elections!

1. I will be the voice of each and every student and make sure everyone’s voice is heard to all the academic levels.

Being in an executive position I shall conduct quarterly meetings with all the course reps and faculty reps to understand their issues and follow the proper hierarchical level, it will solve the issues of most of the class and students. I shall also organise stalls and give an open invitation to all the students to directly approach me in order to solve any kind of issues or challenges they face in and around the campus.

2. I will bring structure to make our classrooms easily accessible to disabled students.

I have seen that our classrooms be to be seminar or lecture halls are not well structured to provide user-friendly ambience to disabled students. I will focus on making our university user-friendly to all disabled students (eye blindness/ wheelchair/ left-handed seating chairs)

3. I will conduct job fair events for all the students in order to place them in a job after studies and also provide an opportunity for internships and part-time jobs.

Every student desires to get placed after studies in any of the reputed organisation. Hence keeping the importance of jobs I will create employment programs or job fairs in order to help all my fellow friends to achieve their goals. The programs will also be conducted to find them an internship in placement year.

4. Our canvas and e-vision will be taken into consideration for making it more user friendly.

Canvas and e-vision are not user friendly. They are not aligned in a way that can be understandable. We have a lot of resources available on canvas but they are not actually placed in a proper format. I will bring a change in this system by merging canvas with e-vision and Turnitin. This would decrease perplexity and we can also avoid using three different platforms, which will, in turn, be merged in one.

5. Extra one-hour tutorial classes to be conducted where there shall be no teaching but only to clarify academic doubts and assignments

From the previous records and feedback, we have found out that students are demanding extra lecture hours and they feel that the class hours are not justified with the fees charged. This is completely a valid point. I shall take this matter further and go through certain more feedbacks from students and faculties and execute an extra one hour class for the courses. The main objective of this extra class will be just to clear our doubts and this class will not include normal teaching sessions.

6. Conducting more social events in and around the campus.

This is the need of the hour, I understand that there many events going in and around the campus every week but still students fail to turn up. I will understand the demographics and come up with own survey and find out what students actually like and create teams for each themed event.

7. To well maintain university-run accommodations and a special focus on rents and other charges. Private accommodations will be brought under one roof.

I have been to university-run accommodation to collect data about how students feel about their stay but unfortunately, it was disappointing that they were not happy with either pricing or maintenance. I will make sure to visit and note down the issues related to maintenance and pricing structure of the university-run accommodations will also be taken into consideration.

Reach out to me on Facebook.


Visit the SU website to cast your vote. Polls close on March 20th at 2 PM.

Images: Omkar Singh

Disclaimer: This article has not been edited by The Ruskin Journal. The Journal will publish similar submissions from other election candidates that want to get involved. Contact the editor for more information.

2 thoughts on “‘Omkar for Vice President, Business & Law’ – SU Election 2020”

  1. Omkar is a bright, hardworking individual. Having spoken to him in the students union, I am confident he will be excellent in the Vice Presidential role.


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