‘AHSS Faculty Rep – Why Me?’ – SU Election 2020

By Ciéra Cree – AHSS Faculty Representative Candidate – Arts, Humanities and the Social Sciences are important, intelligent and beautiful areas of study…

By Ciéra Cree – AHSS Faculty Representative Candidate

Hello, readers of The Ruskin Journal! You may have seen me around here before (*admin and writer waves*) but this time I have a slightly different sort of write up for you!


Arts, Humanities and the Social Sciences are important, intelligent and beautiful areas of study. I am running for the position of AHSS Faculty Representative because of my genuine passion for these areas, as well as my passion for the experience of others in our university.

I may often be quietly spoken but I’m a person with a loud mind filled with ideas and a great love for creativity. As a person who dabbles in many things that work collaboratively with Media Studies (my chosen course), such as photography, article work and creative writing, I feel I am a good candidate to represent the collective student voice for this broad sector.

It’s vital that we all have the opportunity and comfortability to express how we feel about our courses and class atmosphere, and it would be my aim as a representative to ensure not only that people are able to do just this, but also that areas highlighted for improvement or consideration are brought to the attention of those appropriate.


During my gap year before studying here, I worked alongside the National Centre for Writing gathering experience as well as relevant information and contacts within the industries of Media and Literature fields which has proven to be very beneficial. Before doing so I had no idea of just how many opportunities there are available out there for us creatives – something I feel a lot of students can relate to. In light of this, I would additionally aim to do all I can to have opportunities well advertised for people, as well as be there as a point of contact for those perhaps wanting a hand from someone who’s had some experience in regards to gaining connections.

For anyone curious about specifics, some of the other places I have worked with or have contact with include the Young Artists In Suffolk Collective, the Young Norfolk Arts Trust + Arts Festival, the Royal Society of Literature and BBC Radio Norfolk. The term ‘artists’ in these places is broad and refers to anything under the umbrella of creativity. ‘Arts Award’ Qualifications as well as submission platforms for artwork, written work and photography are things I can additionally introduce students to if they wish.


Currently, I am a Course Rep as well as a writer and administrator for The Ruskin Journal. I feel the prior experience of being a rep in combination with the fact that I can offer students advice, ideas and/or some guidance make me a good candidate for this position.

Alongside these creative passions and assistance I can offer, in regards to Humanities and Social Sciences, they are also areas that I value deeply as an ex-student of Sociology and Philosophy. They are so interesting and thought-provoking – it would be great to encourage students from these areas to engage in the likes of debates, events and talks with others!

I will listen to everyone’s thoughts, concerns and ideas equally and without judgement. I want to be a safe space for people where they feel that they can be honest, open and heard.

We are here to learn but also, of course, to enjoy our time and make the most out of the blank canvas presented before us. There are so many possibilities for the year(s) ahead, and it would be an honour to have a hand in making the student experience here for people better.


Visit the SU website to cast your vote. Polls close on March 20th at 2 PM.

Images: Ciéra Cree & Daniel Miller

Disclaimer: This article has not been edited by The Ruskin Journal. The Journal will publish similar submissions from other election candidates that want to get involved. Contact the editor for more information.

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