Keeping Safe in Cambridge with the Cambridge Constabulary

With our days getting shorter, and nights growing longer, it is understandable that we are beginning to become more concerned with our personal safety. As students, many of us have timetables which can result in us needing to be on campus later than expected, and can cause anxiety regarding the commute home.

The Ruskin Journal has recently been in communication with the Cambridge Constabulary regarding this issue and have been provided with the knowledge of a growing platform known as eCops. This platform has been designed to keep Cambridge residents informed about news and appeals, local crime and incidents and crime prevention advice. These notifications are received via e-mail and can be personalised to your own preferences. The service is completely free and works in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch, to bring you messages regarding your local area. Furthermore, eCops acts as a platform allowing residents to have an increased voice regarding feedback to your local team, aiding them in policing our community to the best standard.

As students ourselves, we understand the concerns regarding spam e-mails and as a result enquired to ensure that this is not the case for our readers. E-mails are sent a couple of times a week and if you decide that this platform is not for you, you can unsubscribe by heading to the e-mail footer, and you’ll be removed from the mailing list.

For further information, please head to:

For any Ruskin Journal enquiries please e-mail us at

The Ruskin Journal team hope that, as students, you remain vigilant in regard to your personal safety at this time of year and we hope that this platform can ensure ARU students can remain safe and well over the festive season.


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