“Chasing a mirage”

By Anushka Dey

Image: Heather Shevlin

Whenever I see you, my heart skips a beat

A single glance is all I try to steal

But the glory of sun and all other stars

are meant to be admired from afar

My heart threatens to explode from unspent love and emotion

Ink comes to rescue, turns this poison to potion.

Well sometimes fate is simply unfair

But I am chasing a mirage, I am well aware.

Handwritten love letters to you remain in closet, my feelings forever untold

So on this scroll the story of my unrequited love I unfold

The words that are locked behind my lips

Ooze out on paper through my fingertips

My pen praises and my poetry paints you

Gold for soul, the heart in red blue and all shades of you.

You may say this is just a castle in the air

But I am chasing a mirage, I am well aware.

Here, I set you free and yet with my words I bind you

I lose you forever, but for eternity I find you

Here, I both enjoy and miss you

Through my verses I kiss you

I immortalise my love in a rhyme

So, generations to come will read that once upon a time…

That’s how I find delight in my despair

I am chasing a mirage, I am well aware.


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