Pint Shop Cambridge: Interview & Food Review

By Ciéra Cree and Lorenzo Barba – We were recently given the opportunity by Pint Shop (Cambridge) to try their food and learn more about what they have to offer to students. To follow you will find…

By Ciéra Cree and Lorenzo Barba

We were recently given the opportunity by Pint Shop (Cambridge) to try their cuisine and learn more about what they have to offer to students. To follow you will find an interview that we conducted as well as a selection of reviews discussing some food and drinks that they kindly delivered to us.

Due to the current national lockdown caused by COVID-19, Pint Shop have had to close their restaurant doors. However, you can still order food via click and collect!

Lorenzo collecting our delivery from FoodStuff!
How long has the Pint Shop been open for? How did it all start?

Pint Shop opened on the 4th of November 2013, so we’re just coming up to its 7th Birthday. It all started when me and Benny met whilst in London. We wanted to open the sort of pub we’d drink in. We spent nearly two years looking for the perfect building, but knew the first time we walked into this building it was perfect.’

If you had to describe your establishment in 5 words, what would they be?

Simple, Seasonal, British, Fun, Boozy.’

Why do you feel that this is the best place for students? What do you offer them and how are you unique?

‘I think that we have the perfect blend of modern beer and cozy old pub. There are not many places which offer that around this area. We run a number of deals for students including Kebab Monday which is any Kebab and any beer for just £10. On a Tuesday it’s all about burgers, with a burger and a beer for £10. The best way to stay informed about our deals is to follow our special student Instagram account.’

What are your personal favourite items on the menu? Why?

‘Personally I love the kebabs; they have been one of our top selling dishes for years. However, probably the thing that most people know us for is our scotch eggs. We sell hundreds of them every week and they are always the recipe that people ask me for.’

Food Reviews
‘The Greatest Hits’ (£25): Ciéra’s Review
A snapshot of ‘The Greatest Hits’ including chips, sausage rolls, scotch eggs and a variety of sides.

As soon as I saw that ‘The Greatest Hits’ box included both chips as well as sausage rolls, I instantly knew that it was something that I wanted to try. I had actually been looking around stores in Cambridge for quite a while, trying to find a good sausage roll, but they are surprisingly hard to come by. The sausage rolls in this meal had lovely, flakey pastry. However, the chips were still the highlight for me.

Anyone that knows me is aware that I love a good portion of chips. The ones from Pint Shop reminded me of chip shop style servings that I used to get when visiting the sea when I was younger. The portions are a generous size as well (even as I’m typing this review up now I’m munching on some because I can’t help myself!).

This meal additionally came with two large scotch eggs, a variety of sides and a packet of pork scratchings. For two people buying this option from the menu would provide an incredible feast!

Fried Chicken and Chips (£10): Lorenzo’s Review
(Top right) A snapshot of the Pint Shop’s Fried Chicken and Chips

Upon opening the box, I immediately noted that the fried chicken and chips were beautifully presented. I could tell straight away that this was a place that takes genuine pride in what they do before even taking a bite. The chicken was succulent and crispy, falling clean off the bone, perfectly accompanied by a wide selection of condiments and dippings to further compliment the dish. 

The chips were deliciously crunchy and absorbed the flavour of the condiments perfectly. Despite being more than 50 miles away from the sea, these chips very much reminded me of the kind you would expect to receive when going to the seaside. All available at your front door or within the confines of a cozy pub in the heart of Cambridge!

Drink Reviews

Since neither myself or Lorenzo drink alcohol, we passed them on as a gift to his family. They shared the following thoughts with us:

A bottle of beer and Gin + Tonic delivered along with our meals

‘The gin and tonic was the best that I have ever had! It was so lemony and fresh, containing a perfect balance of the two flavours. I felt relaxed after having it; a very pleasurable experience!’

Kelly Barba

‘The first thing that I noticed as I opened the beer was the great smell. It tasted very nice and it’s a drink which I would recommend!’

Emanuele Barba
Overall Experience

Ciéra: From talking to the staff at the Pint Shop to the experience of receiving and trying the food itself, everything was pleasant. Doing this was my first time reviewing food for an establishment and I can say with certainty that it was something that was made memorable in the best of ways. If you’re reading this Elizabeth, thank you so much!

Lorenzo: I highly enjoyed my experience dining with the Pint Shop, and cannot recommend this lovely establishment enough. The staff were exceptionally friendly and welcoming. I truly felt like a valued customer, and despite only finishing my meal a short while ago I already cannot wait to dine there again! 

Images: Taken by Ciéra Cree

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