The Dark Reality of Technology

By Beth Clark – We live in a world where technology is quite literally taking over our lives. On average we spend 2 hours a day on social media, which over our lifetime equates…

By Beth Clark

We live in a world where technology is quite literally taking over our lives. On average we spend 2 hours a day on social media, which over our lifetime equates to 5 years 4 months. From here it gets worse, in our lifetime we spend 7 years 8 months watching TV, to put this into perspective that’s more time than we spend eating and drinking. When you think about it, we can’t do much without it. Technology is relied heavily upon to make our lives run as smoothly as possible.  Due to this, there are so many things that are becoming obsolete; books, DVDs, and CDs to name a few. When you look back at all the things we used to have, there really aren’t that many that are still needed today. Over a period, all things are developed and improved upon: the record for example. This simple idea has transformed over the years, developing into the cassette and CD. While all these are still available to buy many people now use apps to listen to music.

Long gone are the days of reeling the tape back into the cassette and having to flip it over if it was really long. If you talk to children now most won’t have a clue what a tape even is. They have become so accustomed to everything being on their phone or tablet, so reliant on technology, that if for some reason technology disappeared or stopped working, would children of today even be able to entertain themselves? If we gave a group of children a tape and cassette player, I presume that most of them wouldn’t be able to figure out how to play it. Taking this into consideration if you were to give the same group of children and brand-new phone or tablet, most of them would be able to set it up by themselves and then continue to be able to download apps.

Thinking into the future, paper copies of books will also soon become an item of the past. With eBooks being more popular than ever, books will soon end up in the same place as all our old tapes and CDs, buried in a box somewhere and shoved in some dark forgotten corner. The development of eBooks is a positive thing, they are helping the environment due to no trees having to be cut down to produce them, unlike with a paper copy. As they are generally cheaper to buy, it won’t be long before the book disappears altogether.

With the internet; humans have become very lazy. There is no need to leave the comfort of your sofa, everything you could possibly need can now be ordered online. 87% of the UK has brought at least one product online in the last 12 months, with companies such as ASOS having more than a quarter increase.  Many items are becoming available online, almost every store and popular websites such as Amazon and eBay use online shopping. It will not be long before we never have to leave home again. We are now able to do everything online from food shopping to organising events. Even to do exercise we don’t need to leave our homes, games have been made to encourage exercise, and gym equipment, although expensive can be placed in a house. Leading on from this most people can now work from home, with of course the exception of some professions. With advancing computer software, we can easily contact anyone we need to. Should you need to have a conference call then programs such as Skype can be used. For education, online courses are available meaning schools and university’s will not be required.

There is a downside to everything being done on the internet and the advancement of developing technology, including potential job losses.  Once technology reaches the stage where robots can take over almost every job, we will have nothing to do. Without our jobs, we ultimately would not be able to support ourselves, which could lead to the downfall of society. Following this, assuming that paper is a thing of the past, if the internet went down nothing would be able to be done. It would be the same if phones, tablets, and computers all crashed. Without them working it would be extremely difficult to do work in society today. In fact, it would be difficult to do anything without any form of technology, so I ask you this: is it worth relying on technology so much?

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