Kamlesh for VP of Business and Law – SU Election 2021

By Kamlesh Bhoopal – Hi, I’m Kamlesh Bhoopal and I’m passionate, driven, determined, proactive and approachable, these are all the types of traits you would expect a candidate to say…

By Kamlesh Bhoopal

Hi, I’m Kamlesh Bhoopal and I’m passionate, driven, determined, proactive and approachable, these are all the types of traits you would expect a candidate to say when running in an election? Although this does not tell you why I am running for the role of Vice President(Business & Law). Our Student Union is brilliant in so many ways, but I believe it can be even better. A fresh approach that offers new solutions to our problems, and I’m confident that I can provide this with your support from this election.


Currently pursuing my MBA at ARU Cambridge,UK. I am from Bangalore, the silicon city of India where IT and startups have had its greatest boom in the last decade and counting. Having completed my bachelors in Computer Science Engineering I have had real world experience by attending and volunteering in Business/Technical events(Hackathons, Ted Talks, etc…) with a wider business perspective. My curiosity to understand Business at this level grew within. This drove me to pursue an MBA at ARU. After interning within the University for my placement as ’Business Development Coordinator’ for the Faculty of Business and Law, having worked closely with the Student Engagement Teams to ensure students employability for work placement i feel confident with voicing the students on how ARU as an organisation works towards fulfilling students needs. 


There couldn’t be a Students’ Union without students, so it is essential that your voice and your opinions are at the heart of what the SU does. My passion for ensuring every voice is heard comes from a belief that everything can be improved. If you raise an issue, I will guarantee that it will be listened to and acted upon in the most reliable and helpful manner. 

I’d love to be your Student Union Vice President for Business and Law this year as I want to continue representing the students and make sure that your voice is heard and the overall student experience continues to improve year on year. 

I know that I’ve had an amazing experience here at ARU and want students to be able to have a great experience here as well. Having actively worked within the university and throughout the university to improve the standard of personal tutoring, and currently student employability, I have a strong insight into what needs to be done to enhance student life at ARU. 


Bringing Campus Together – 

  • Give you more community mixed campus events.(TOPICS – Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Cryptocurrency and more depending on your feedback.)
  • Have a proper Refreshers week. It is easy to miss the boat the first time around with so many things to take in, all the fairs and opportunities available the first time around should be available the second time around.

Incubation Center –

  • Adapt incubation stages in order to classify startups and ideas according to progress.
  • Increase volunteer opportunities to enhance real world capabilities.
  • Creating an Investors’ club for external funding opportunities.
  • Build a strong network of creative and strong individuals who can contribute building towards success.
  • Awards and Recognition to those students with outstanding contribution.
  • Bringing students from all courses to work as one on selected projects(I am a Business student with a Computer Science background and I can tell you more about the benefits of this in the near future).

Transparency and Democracy – 

  • Feedback boxes made available around SU building and online questioning space on the SU official website.
  • Regular polling of trending students’ opinions. Instead of assuming we know what the student body thinks – let’s ask! This could easily be done online (surveys) or via email.

Beyond the Bubble

  • Creating a student ballot for monthly engagement of events and feedback.
  • Organising online events and webinars regarding support during the pandemic.
  • Intercampus activities (Picked from Student Ballot).
  • Online Student Engagement with Industry level experts on trending topics.

 According to Harvey Firestone ‘the growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership’. Your growth and development as a student is dependent on your Education and Welfare. I am determined to ensure your growth and development as a student by ensuring that issues relating to your academic interests and welfare are dealt with timeously, efficiently and effectively.

Vote KAMLESH BHOOPAL for Vice President (Business and Law).

As always, please accept the assurances of my highest regards and consideration.

Looking forward to serving you.

Best regards,

Kamlesh Bhoopal.

Images: Element5 on Unsplash and Kamlesh Bhoopal.


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