‘Elect Vignesh Periyasamy for Vice President of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences’ – SU Election 2021

By Vignesh Periyasamy – I am VP (Vignesh Periyasamy) running for VP (Vice President) at AHSS Faculty in the student election this year, 2021. I am currently doing my Masters degree at…

By Vignesh Periyasamy – Candidate for VP of AHSS (Cambridge Campus)

Disclaimer: This article has not been edited by The Ruskin Journal. The Journal will publish similar submissions from other election candidates that want to get involved. These posts show no bias – the opportunity to post a manifesto with us is open, and has been advertised too, all candidates.

Hi students, 

I am VP (Vignesh Periyasamy) running for VP (Vice President) at AHSS Faculty in the  student election this year, 2021. I am currently doing my Masters degree at Anglia Ruskin  University, Cambridge campus.  

About me: 

I try to pursue excellence in everything I do. My university friends know that I always  lend hand when needed irrespective of the faculty, ethnicity and etc…  

I am an extroverted person and am interacting with a load of students on a daily basis  and resolving their issues. I can’t be certain about the number of students I have helped in  terms of accommodation, travel and other university related works. That being said, when I  am helping students even before becoming the VP, think about how much I can help once I  become the face of the faculty and make the right decision.

I will work on, 

1. Increasing Full-time employment opportunities 

• My ideas to make this effective are as follows, 

• Connecting with alumni of the faculty you belong to. 

• Persuading their employers to visit our campus on a yearly basis. 

• Trying to create agreement with potential employers to recruit students  yearly. 

• Conducting LinkedIn workshop for students (Real time growth hacking  workshops for FREE). 

• Creating awareness on ATS (Applicant Tracking System). 

2. Implementing technical support for the faculty and for every ARU student • I have planned to create a platform that gives access to all of the platforms. • The above-mentioned point totally eliminates navigation between multiple  

platforms. Hence, reduces the worry of having to navigate between multiple  platforms. 

• Lobbying to make the timetables available earlier in the trimester.

3. 24/7 Support to Home and International students 

• This continuous lockdown made it tougher for every student including me. • Every student struggle to find the proper accommodation and find it difficult  to travel abroad from home country. 

• I will be creating an online platform and a physical space to drop your queries  irrespective of the faculty. 

• The online platform and physical space will have students responding to your  query at any given point of time. 

• This can be utilized by any faculty and priority will be given based on the  severity of the query raised. 

Voting starts March 6 (09:00 AM) – March 12 (02:00 PM). 

Go to ARU Student’s Union website and cast your vote. 

Connect with me on, 

Instagram: Click me! 

Facebook : Click me! 

Twitter : Click me! 

LinkedIn : Click me!

Vote for me: HERE!

Image: Element5 on Unsplash and Vignesh Periyasamy

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