‘Re-Elect Omkar for VP of Business & Law’ – SU Election 2021

By Omkar Singh – Hello! I’m Omkar, current Vice President at ARU Students’ Union. I’m re-running for VP business and law in this SU elections 2021. I’m so thankful to all the students who trusted me and elected me as their VP…

By Omkar SinghCandidate for VP of Business & Law (Cambridge Campus)

Disclaimer: This article has not been edited by The Ruskin Journal. The Journal will publish similar submissions from other election candidates that want to get involved. These posts show no bias – the opportunity to post a manifesto with us is open, and has been advertised too, all candidates.

Hello! I’m Omkar, current Vice President at ARU Students’ Union. I’m re-running for VP business and law in this SU elections 2021.

I’m so thankful to all the students who trusted me and elected me as their VP. Since start of my term, I have been working on certain projects which were successful & few others which I would like to accomplish in my next term

  1. Incubation centre project: 

I started this campaign in August 2020 with a main motive to boost start-ups and create entrepreneurial ambience on campus. This incubation centre is a physical space in the university where like-minded people come together and network. In other words, this space will bring students from all the discipline & companies, under one roof. I’m happy to share that this project is already got a massive win, and finally accepted by ARU to move forward. This wouldn’t have been possible without all your support and efforts. 

If re-elected: If I’m re-elected, I shall make sure that I’m continuously working on this project and bring incubation centre on campus. This centre is going to change the life of students on campus  

  1. Lockdown series:

During second national lockdown, I have created a series of 30 videos to bring awareness on mental health and its importance. The 30 speakers were ranged from members of parliament Cambridge, Chelmsford, vice chancellors to students. This series was well received by students and university all together. I have also done sufficient research in the university to understand all the resources available within, I have always signposted students to the right place. I’m also representing ARU at Citizens UK, to make mental health a priority in the upcoming Council elections.

If re-elected:

Mental health and well-being among students is always being my priority, I would like to enhance support to students by reducing the appointment gap and increase peer-peer support. I’m also keenly looking into adding this as topic of discussion in the curriculum through Ruskin modules.

  1. Employment opportunities: I have created placements in the faculty, 5 of the students are working directly with me on the incubation centre project. Students from both the campuses were selected in their placement year. I have also hosted employment session to develop student CVs and provide resources available, called “Employment team with Omkar Singh”

If Re-Elected: Creating placements and employment will be my priority for the next year too, I would like to create more employment in the faculty by internal placements and via incubation centre networking options.

  1. Assignment support: I have been working on campaign to support students with their assignments whilst bringing awareness on academic integrity. I have hosted a session with study skills plus to signpost students to the right support. I have been also closely working with union advice team and the university’s director of studies to keep supporting students in every possible manner. 

If Re-elected: I shall keep supporting students and bring campaign on importance of academic integrity, plagiarism.  


Multi-faith space: 

Last year I lobbied for prayer spaces/ multi faith space on the campuses. I accomplished this campaigns by getting a commitment letter from the university. Already plans for Chelmsford campus is started and there is a long term plan for Cambridge campus to have permanent space and Peterborough plans are also in place

If Re-elected: I shall make sure that multi- faith space is delivered on all the campuses and all religions are celebrated by hosting #DiverseARU events and other activities. 

I’m very much excited for next year’s role, I have already made changes and I need one last term to implement all those.

Do vote and support me, your vote matters.

Link to vote : http://www.angliastudent.com/voteforomkar 

I’m re-running with amazing team Em Long for President and Fatima Lakhani for VP AHSS. Do read their manifestos on the SU website


Images: Element5 on Unsplash and Omkar Singh

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