Society Showcase: ARU Chess Society

By Jack Seabrook – Are you interested in playing chess? Engaging in the art of war? Then this is the place for you! Hi, my name is Jack Seabrook…

By Jack Seabrook(ARU Chess Society)

Are you interested in playing chess? Engaging in the art of war? Then this is the place for you! 

Hi, my name is Jack Seabrook, President of the ARU Chess Society on the Cambridge campus. I decided to take ownership of the Chess Society upon starting university during my first week of settling in.

Within that time, I attended a games night set up by the Students Union, naturally gravitating towards the corner adorned by chessboards. It was there, in a perfect situation, that I happened to meet my first friend at university.

After playing a few games we hit upon a discussion, wondering whether ARU had an individual space for those like us who held an exuberant passion for the game or, if that were not the case, whether to go about creating one of our own. 

That is the story of how we came to be where we are now; playing the game that we love, indulging in our passion and aiming to share our interest with all of you!

I have loved chess all of my life; the symbolic nature of battle, the testing of one’s intellectual limits in relation to planning, foresight and imagination, and more so than both of these factors combined, the outpour and expression of emotions from the brink of fear to the peak of joy. The sheer exhilaration of the game – that’s what I value the most. 

Many people tend to think of chess as a slow paced game, not meant for the time of youth, but I challenge you to come and join us for a match where we can prove you wrong! Join us and be introduced to the racing of one’s heart and the pace that one’s thoughts run through whilst learning something new. 

‘The Chess Society has really helped me to improve my skills over the board, to brush up on main lines and openings which, previously, I was unfamiliar with. As well as being a welcoming society for newcomers and beginners (like myself), it’s an amazing place to see how beautiful the game is and to make new friends who will share a common interest.’

– Lorenzo Barba (Committee Member)

I personally believe that an individual is missing out on a large portion of life without chess, not purely speaking in terms of the game itself. The developing and nurturing of skills and the rapid thinking that it entails as well as its ability to evoke a player to decipher deeper meanings – there is so much more to this game beyond its surface.

Still think chess isn’t for you? Nonsense!

“Chess is everything; art, science, sport.”

– Anatoly Karpov, Chess World Championship 1975-85 (Source)
  • Harmonise your forces
  • Methodise your strategy
  • Charge for the front

So whether you already love the game, or want a pastime to get you off of your phone, I assure you that our society is well worth giving a shot.

Image: Charlie Solorzano on Unsplash


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