Our Top Ten Christmas Films

By Jess & Amy – The Christmas vibes are in full swing, Christmas is tomorrow and our Christmas break has only just begun… If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirt yet, then here are our top ten Christmas films, to get you in the mood for Christmas…

By Jess & Amy

The Christmas vibes are in full swing, Christmas is tomorrow and our Christmas break has only just begun…

If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirt yet, then here are our top ten Christmas films, to get you in the mood for Christmas!

The Princess Switch (2018)


What is it about?

A Netflix original movie about a duchess who switches places with a Chicago baker called Stacey, who looks exactly like her (Vanessa Hudgens plays both the duchess and Stacey). Problems occur when the duchess falls for Stacey’s lifelong friend Kevin (Nick Sager) and Stacey falls for the Prince (Sam Palladio).

Why we love it.

Christmas isn’t exactly crucial to this plot, but having it set during the Christmas month in the fictional country of Belgrvia makes it magical (plus the element of falling in love as a Christmas wish is any girls dream). Any Christmas film that has a cheesy love storyline, is a film we want to watch! Sam Palladio is everything to us, so him with not one but two Vanessa Hudgens is like, WOW. Kinda annoyed they didn’t have a little duet because both Sam and Vanessa have amazing voices, but maybe that can be a sequel?

Fun Fact.

Jess actually met Sam Palladio who plays the Prince, here is a picture after an 8-hour flight looking tired (but still looking hella fresh).


The Polar Express (2004)


What is it about?

The film, which is inspired by the book of the same name, is set on Christmas Eve where a young boy embarks on a magical journey upon ‘The Polar Express’ to the North Pole after questioning the existence of Father Christmas. On board he meets other children who are all supervised by the trains conductor who is on a tight schedule.

 Why we love it.

It’s a heart-warming film about family, friendship and reliving your childhood fantasy of meeting Santa (them fake Santa’s you meet in shopping mall’s never really made the cut). A proper family film that always leaves us in tears when he finally hears the bell (you’ll know what we mean when you watch). Plus, Tom Hanks, is iconic, even if it’s only his voice we are hearing.

 Fun fact.

You can actually have a trip on ‘The Polar Express’. There are many experiences offered by different train companies. Why not google it too see if they offer a magical journey near you.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)


What is it about?

The film is a live-action adaption of the book by Dr.Seuss, it’s about the Grinch (voiced by Jim Carrey), a reclusive and grumpy creature who hates not only Christmas but the who’s (residents of Whoville) as well. He decides to dress up as Santa and steals all the presents and everything Christmas related from the residents of Whoville.

Why we love it.

This is a Christmas classic and a must watch every Christmas! Realising the Grinch isn’t really mean, he was just bullied in his past. The songs are just amazing, and we love singing along!

Fun fact.

Universal pictures recently released a new animated version of The Grinch, its same story with some slight variations, once again it’s a great film but it also has an amazing soundtrack performed by Tyler the Creator.


The Santa Clause (1994)


What is it about?

On Christmas Eve, Calvin (Tim Allen), along with his son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd), accidentally kill Santa by causing him to fall off a roof while delivering presents. After he dies, Calvin finds a business card, telling him to put on the suit and become the new Father Christmas. The film follows Calvin and his struggles to become the new Santa while trying to maintain a relationship with his son and his ex-wife and her new partner.

Why we love it.

Watching Tim Allen becoming Santa is always a laugh especially since he accidentally killed his Santa predecessor. Him shaving just to have a full white beard later is also hilarious. Then him gaining weight overnight and not knowing why is great (and we can all relate) but ultimately, he does become the Santa we know and love.

Fun fact.

This film is the first part of a trilogy; The Santa Clause 2 and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

Love Actually (2003)

giphy (1)

What is it about?

With a multi-strand narrative, we follow many different characters (who, in some small way are all connected). Set on the lead up to Christmas, this film is about love, heartbreak and friendship. It’s a proper British film, showing school nativities, a dancing prime minister (Thersa May is shaking) to forbidden friend love and puppy love. Love Actually literally has it all.

Why we love it.

Emma Thompson. Hugh Grant. Colin Firth. Andrew Lincoln. Liam Neeson. Chiwetel Ejiofor. Kieira Knightly. Bill Nighty. Kris Marshall. A Young Thomas Brodie Sangster and ALAN RICKMAN.

Need we say more?

Fun fact.

I can’t lie, I still don’t think I am over Alan Rickman’s character buying his secret affair that gold necklace and breaking Emma Thompsons characters heart.

Home Alone (1990)

giphy (2).gif

What is it about?

After Kevin McCallister’s (Macaulay Culkin) family, forget about him and leave him behind on a trip to Paris, he finds himself living a dream, being able to do what he wants. This is until two men try to rob the house, and he finds himself protecting the house all by himself, coming up with creative ways to keep the thieves out.

Why we love it.

As a kid I wanted nothing more than to be left at home alone just so I could defend my house from robbers. This film made me want to do all the crazy stuff that Kevin pulls off because it just looked so cool. Not only is it about this badass kid, it’s about Kevin realising that he loves and misses his family and actually couldn’t live without them. The scene where he reunites with his mother and they share a hug always makes me cry, and then when the rest of the family return… so emotional.

It’s such a classic that I do judge you if you don’t like it.

Fun fact.

Jess hates this film.

Elf (2003)


What is it about?

As a baby, Buddy is accidentally taken by Santa to The North Pole, where he is raised by elves. However, buddy knows he is very different. Buddy who knows he doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the elf leaves The North Pole in search of his real father. Arriving in New York, Buddy gets to grips with human culture. Along the way, Buddy finds love, helps his dad to grow a heart and helps boost Christmas spirit.

Why we love it.

Not all of us do. Jess hates this film too (such a Scrooge), so much so she refused to write anything about it. Never the less I always end up watching this film at Christmas time, and I know I am not the only one. This is just a great feel good film, filled with Christmas spirt and cheer which just makes you happy from laughing.

Fun fact.

When I watch this I always end up saying “Did you hear that” after I burp, it’s a curse.

The Holiday (2006)


What is it about?

After Amanda (Cameron Diaz) finds out her boyfriend has cheated on her and Iris (Kate Winslet), finds out the love of her life is engaged to another woman, they decide to swap homes for Christmas. Iris leaves her little cottage in snowy Surrey for Amanda’s beauty mansion in sunny LA and vice versa. After wanting nothing to do with men, Amanda meets Iris’ brother, Graham (Jude Law) and after a one-night stand, they decide to start seeing each other, for the remainder of time she has in England. While Iris meets another kind of man, Arthur (Eli Wallach), who is an award winning, retired screen writer. Arthur teaches Iris all about the old films and how to “be the leading lady of her own film” (That bit always makes me cry). This film isn’t really about Christmas but more set around Christmas.

Why we love it.

Jude Law and Jack Black? Hell yes.

This is one of these films that is so romantic is makes you sick, it is so cheesy, but it makes you grin from ear to ear. One of these films you can’t help but smile at, even if you are bitter like Jess.

Fun fact.

This is my (Jess) all time favourite Christmas film. Like every other Christmas film can die because this one wins all the awards.

Arthur Christmas (2011)


What is it about?

Arthur (voiced by James McAvoy), the son of Santa, second in line to become the next Santa, goes on a mission with Gran-Santa (voiced by Bill Nightly), to make sure a little girl gets her present on time. The modern ways of delivering presents have meant that it one girl is missed. Santa and Steve, a stickler for the rules, believe it’s impossible to deliver the present in time. Arthur however can’t stop thinking about the little girl waking up to nothing on Christmas day so he makes it his mission to make sure she isn’t forgotten.

Why we love it.

It’s a heart-warming film that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family. I really love the element of bringing the old ways of Santa with the ways of using technology, especially in the end when they find a balance between personal delivery with technology aiding them.

I’m just waiting for a second film tbh.

Fun fact.

Justin Bieber has a song in it, and that’s the only reason we saw it, but I (Amy) ended up loving it, and watch it every year since.

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)


What is it about?

Since the death of their father, siblings Kate and Teddy don’t get along. However, on Christmas eve when Teddy is looking after Kate they hatch a plan to capture Santa Claus on camera. Their plan works, and they get footage of Santa in the flesh, but when Kate wants to get a close up of the sleigh, things go wrong. They startle Santa on his sleigh causing him to lose control and crash, losing his sack in the process. The kids must team up with Santa in order to save Christmas.

Why we love it

Ok, so since this is a Netflix film we both thought it was going to be cheesy af, just like the princess switch, we were wrong. This film has a potential to become a Christmas classic. It was very very good. Kurt Russel plays Santa brilliantly, he’s funny and witty and full of magic. This films depiction of Santa is quite refreshing and becomes one of mine favourite film Santas. It’s also reimagines the look of elves, creating them fully from CGI and making them look like small cute furr-like creatures.

Fun Fact

Santa doesn’t say ‘Ho Ho Ho’ until the end of the film and it becomes the most satisfying thing.

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