Monthly Gig Listings: December (2018)

By Josh Robins – 16th December – The Trials of Cato Album Launch Party. The Portland Arms, doors open @ 7:30pm…

By Josh Robins

16th December – The Trials of Cato Album Launch Party 


The Portland Arms, doors open @ 7:30pm

You may see them on Saturdays in town busking and think- what in god’s name are they doing on the street? They shouldn’t be buskers. They should be fully a touring band with golden reviews from the BBC and have an almost sold out EP launch at the Portland in Cambridge.  Well, they’re that too.

16th December – Christmas Carols with Kahuna Karols

6 bells, @ 7pm

Come get festive in the cosiest music venue in Cambridge, drink something mulled, and don’t mess with their harmonies. Kahuna Karols are serious and dedicated professionals. You can’t just join in, don’t even think about it.

20th December – Skindred


Cambridge Junction @ 7.30pm

The unstoppable Skindred have released yet another fantastic headbanger of an album and are touring round the country for everyone to hit their mates to.  No new musical developments to note, they are still awesome, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

21st December – He knows When You Are Sleeping,

Blue moon @ 6pm

If you’re in the mood for a weird Christmas.. One massive, wacky event with multiple artists to celebrate the festive season, their own promotion piece says it better than I ever could-

Gracie Casey – Singer song writer from Cambridge. Expect low fi beats, sultry vocals and a hell loada of sass.

The Junkoactive Wasteman and his Tinphonia – An ex binman who drowned in a barrel of toxic waste and was saved by tin cans which fused to his body. No longer a binman, but part Man, part Tin Can. Playing chopped up samples and live breaks.

Acid Tea – One man mega band! Loads of wires, pedals, guitars, keyboards, synths, drum machines, wires….did i mention wires? and pedals? yeh loads of them!!! Playing groovy funked out squishy future music from another planet . . . DID SOMEONE SAY GUITAR SOLO!?

22nd December – José Son Comes Home for Christmas

Earl of Beaconsfield @ 7:30pm

Local legend Tom Petie leads one of Cambridge’s musical darlings- José Son. The name born from a joke told at the very venue they are playing in. Every fan is a best friend, and you can guarantee the place will be packed. Go and ask them where they got their name from, it’s a long story.

28th December – Flint Moore (support form Oscar Corney)


Portland Arms, doors open @ 7pm

Grungy Rockers Flint Moore have won all the rock competitions East Anglia has, sold out the Portland before and are by far Cambridge’s biggest unsigned rock band. They are going from strength to strength at an alarming rate. Go and see them before they get to Wembley.

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