Top 5 Binge-able Netflix Shows

This semester is in full swing, with assignments lurking over us (is it really week five already?!) But we all know there is always time to start a new TV show…

This semester is in full swing, with assignments lurking over us (is it really week five already?!) But we all know there is always time to start a new TV show.

Brooklyn Nine Nine


The show is set in a Brooklyn precinct and follows the lives of a group of detectives, under the command of Captain Holt. With new storylines every episode, along with a long-standing narrative, it provides fans with running gags, meaning binging episodes makes it that much funnier.

Amy Says: I binged watched five series of this in a month and it is a good break from serious cop dramas that I am used to. The show tackles serious issues, while being funny and upbeat, and without fail, I will be in stitches of laughter at every episode.

Amy’s favourite Episode: Season 5 Episode 4 – HalloVeen

Jess Says: Whereas I watched it weekly as it aired. I 100% recommend this show as something light hearted which isn’t too heavy and can just provide some escapism when you’re feeling a little stressed about life.

Jess’ favourite episode: Season 2 Episode 23 – Johnny and Dora

PSA: The fifth series is currently not on Netflix.

Seasons: 5

On The Block


Set in a rough LA neighbourhood, a group of friends try to navigate high school while finding it hard to stay out of trouble. The troubles the group encounter go way beyond those of a typical high school drama.

Amy Says: I chose to watch this show because of the trailer. I thought it would be a comical, coming of age tv series, something easy to watch and not have to worry about. I. Was. Wrong. It is definitely a comedy but also an emotional drama that does at times pull on your heart strings. It has a great, diverse cast (with the exception of a white girl who plays a Latina. Fingers crossed she gets recast next season after the riot from fans). I also enjoyed the show because I am a sucker for forbidden love, and that’s a big element to the plots in the show’s series, plus there’s only ten episodes so it is easy to finish.

Amy’s favourite episode: Season 1 Episode 10 – Chapter Ten

Jess Says: I only watched it because I was forced by Amy and thought it was going to be something I could view casually. I wish it was. I finished the series in a day and hysterically cried at the last episode. I love watching the friendship between the six main characters and the mini story lines each of them have! Ruby is my absolute favourite character and he really does make the show for me! I wish I had a group of friends like this when I was fourteen!

Jess’ favourite episode: Season 1 Episode Four – Chapter Four

PSA: Don’t fall into the trap that this is a fun show! It. Will. Ruin. Your. Life.

Seasons: 1

Queer Eye


A remake of the 00s show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the show centres around five gay men, referred to as the ‘Fab Five’. They give unsuspecting men total makeovers from their clothing choice, all the way down to what they eat. Jonathan, Bobby, Antoni, Tan and Karamo style a new man every episode.

Amy Says: Although I totally recommend binge-watching this show, you don’t necessarily need to (but you will want to). What makes this show great is the personalities of each of the ‘Fab Five’, their energies gel so well with each other and you can really tell they are amazing friends! It has a heart-warming ability to transform people’s lives, as well as talk about the issues surrounding masculinity.

Amy’s favourite episode: Season 1 Episode 1 – “You can’t fix ugly”

Jess Says: I am an emotional wreck when I watch this show and cry at every single episode. I wish the ‘Fab Five’ would come and fix my life to be honest because I need Jonathon to give me a haircut and I need Antoni to teach me how to make every dish under the sun with a single avocado! It’s so inspiring watching every episode and seeing the confidence they give the men, even when they have different values (one episode they made over a Trump Supporter *shivers*). Although the show is about the men they are helping, I love watching the ‘Fab Five’ interact with each other and we find out so much about their personal lives when they talk about their husbands and kids. They are so out there and comfortable being themselves which is just amazing to watch!

Jess’ favourite episode: Season 1 Episode 4 – “To Gay or Not Too Gay”

PSA:  Have a pack of tissues at the ready because you will be an emotional wreck.

Seasons: 2

Amy’s Spotlight Pick:

The Innocents


The show revolves around June and Harry, two teenagers in love (somewhat forbidden by June’s father) who run away so they can be together. A lot of problems occur when June discovers her extraordinary “gift”. The show is set in England and Norway, so you know the scenery is beautiful!

I stumbled across this show when scrolling through Netflix and was kind of shocked to see it was a Netflix Original since I hadn’t seen any promo for it! But from the very first episode, I was so intrigued! It is not like anything I have ever seen before, but there are major Stranger Things vibes throughout. I love a fantasy teen drama (hello Teen Wolf) and to add to that, the entire series is super mysterious! I cannot recommend this series enough!

Favourite episode: The whole season!

PSA: The show is half subtitled, so you will be reading a lot.

Seasons: 1

Jess’ Spotlight Pick:

The Staircase


A Docu-series about Michael Peterson, who is on trial for the murder of his wife. The trial started in 2001 and only finished in 2016 resulting in the series being released in three parts, episodes 1- 8 were released in 2004, episodes 9-10 in 2013 and episodes 11-13 were released earlier this year as a series on Netflix.The trial digs into Peterson’s history and we uncover things from his past that do not work out in his favour. The weirdest thing is seeing how much Michael ages from the first episode to the last, and how his children now have children, it really shows us how long this trial lasted.

Some friends recommended this show to me, telling me, “It is exactly something you would love” and they were right! I was gripped. Although it is a bit slow at first, you have to power through to when all the good stuff happens, like the missing weapon and meeting his crazy sister-in-law (trust me when I tell you she is crazy!). Because the show was released in three parts, it’s interesting to see how much time has passed between the shooting of the episodes and how much older they all are. This is completely real and although he is on trial for murder, there are some funny bits throughout the series. Personally, I found myself rooting for him, but you can make your mind up about him for yourself! I watched the series within a couple of days and was messaging my friends after every episode to give them my opinions after each trial date!

Favourite episode: Season 1 Episode 8 – “The Verdict”

PSA: After you finish watching it, google ‘The Staircase Owl Theory’ and prepare for your life to be changed forever!

Seasons: 1

Co-written by Jess Weal and Amy Williams. 

26th October 2018

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