Go On – Try Something New

By Natalie Brown – This article is about trying new things, overcoming fears doubts and insecurities. As a law student, my inspiration comes from the film, Legally…

By Natalie Brown

This article is about trying new things, overcoming fears doubts and insecurities. As a law student, my inspiration comes from the film, Legally Blonde. I honestly find the film so inspiring and motivating as it centres around a young lady who completely steps out of her comfort zone, shows courage and shines as gold in the end.

Although Elle from Legally Blonde is a fictional character, she is one of my inspirations. Elle changed careers (rather brave thing to do) from fashion to law and ended up gaining entry into Harvard Law School. Yes I know, the main purpose of applying to Harvard Law School was to get her man back (she meets someone better than the ex). On her way to qualifying as a lawyer, she was mocked and told many times that she would not make it, she worked hard, ignored the haters and made it with a first class honours! Elle proves that it is all possible with style! Three things her journey has taught me 1) keep positive vibes only around you 2) no matter how long it takes to get to where you would like to get, remain persistent 3) buy yourself pom poms and cheer yourself on.

Alex Lickerman M.D. said in this article that:

  • Trying something new often requires courage
  • Trying something new opens up the possibility for you to enjoy something new
  • Trying something new keeps you from being bored
  • Trying something new forces you to grow

But how does this apply to women in the real world? Rebekah Brown, who is a graduate and young mother shares her journey of discovery. This is my interview with her:

Congratulations on graduating last year with your sociology and criminology degree! What are you currently doing?

“Working part time as a teaching assistant, volunteering with the metropolitan police part time, and being a full time parent to a two-year-old.”

How was it finishing your degree whilst having a baby to look after?

“Very intense, but kept telling myself that there is a time for everything and so when I felt like giving up I remembered that.”

You started a blog, using your creative writing skills. What made you start your blog?

“I wanted to write to encourage other ladies that are facing similar circumstances as me. I got pregnant at 19 and my heart got broken by my baby’s father, my self-worth decreased and I lost myself for a while. I blog about how to deal with rejection, broken expectations, self-esteem and confidence.”

Why creative writing?

“I’ve always loved creative writing since being in secondary school and really missed writing. I thought I’d give it a go again and I’ve loved it ever since.”

What would you say to students who are in a similar position, are facing hardships or have doubts about their future?  

“Everything in life takes hard work. Put in everything you have into your studies.”

Image: Adobe Stock License

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