Fashion You Can Really Splurge Your Student Loan on

By Eliza Rawson – There comes a time where you’re getting ready for a girls/guy/house night out, stood for hours in front of your wardrobe shouting “I HAVE NOTHING…

By Eliza Rawson

There comes a time where you’re getting ready for a girls/guy/house night out, stood for hours in front of your wardrobe shouting “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”, I think people can relate here? With being a student and all, sometimes funds can be rather low, especially in times when you’re in need of a new outfit (because there’s only so many times you can wear ‘a nice top and jeans’.) But even if you are not a student, and your funds are tight this month: trying to find sites that are fashionable and affordable is tough. Even for your 9ams, you do not always want to look like you have just rocked up out of bed, you want to put a bit of effort in, maybe throwing in a bit of colour to lighten up the day.

The best way to manage your funds is to budget! Perhaps allow yourself to buy one clothing item a month, mix and match with what you own already, even borrow your friend’s clothes (that’s what they’re there for right?!) Also, take full advantage of student discount, you’re only a student for three years! Unidays and Student Beans are the best for giving you a variety of shops (even restaurants and days out) with big discounts and money off.

wooden coat hangers on clothes rail
Wooden coat hangers on clothes rail

The shops below are just a few of what’s best out there online for the best deals and prices to mix up your wardrobe and bring something new into your life without breaking the bank!

Miss Pap

Miss Pap provides you with everything you would ever need – heels, trousers, swimwear, handbags – the lot. What I love is that they have sections for everything, “Shoes from £5”, “Lounge From £6” and I especially love their recently new section, “Living Wage Wardrobe”, obviously the living wage at the moment is £7.50, so EVERYTHING in that section is £7.50, meaning you can create a full outfit for under £30! However – the site include a Large as being a Size 12 – which can be damaging in terms of body image, and currently the average size of a UK woman is a Size 16 and height is 5’3.

Pretty Little Thing

This is probably my favourite online retailer. The trends are always current and I think the quality is great for how much you pay. Again, they have sections for various occasions you might have going on in your life, such as: holidays, festivals, nights out or weddings. I feel that the site really relates with girls and their needs, for instance they have an “airport outfits” section, which did make me laugh, but it’s so relatable because it’s always the hardest thing finding something which you’d look stylish but comfy in for the airport! The outfit below is mine with both items coming from Pretty Little Thing. The trousers cost £15 and the top cost £10 which I think is great for a full outfit.  They’re both great items to be dressed up with heels or dressed down with trainers.


Miss Guided

Miss Guided has been around for years now, being one of the most successful online start up retailers out there; now having shops in London and concessions in Selfridges. Miss Guided is most renowned for their budget outfits and wide variety of items. Their items suit all, from petite to curve to tall. The sections are great on the site too, relating yet again to every girl’s problems, coming up with a “jeans and a nice top” section. I feel that a lot of online retailers cater more for females than males though, making it harder for guy’s to find outfits on a budget, which is an inherent problem with the industry in terms of diversity. But, Miss Guided have released a male section called Mennace, good on you Miss Guided!

Set of mans fashion and accessories
Stock image of menswear 


I think everyone loves ASOS, being another best online retailer out there . There are so many items, brands and trends that everything is all under one place with so much to choose from. The site attracts both male and females so it caters for all. ASOS have even created their own brand, with their items being at a relatively good price. ASOS Marketplace is another corporate brand, selling designer, ‘vintage’ clothing at cheaper prices. ASOS’ outlet section is jam-packed full of everything from trainers to jewellery to dresses, whether it be branded or not, you’re guaranteed to always find something in this section. They also have been praised for not photo-shopping out models stretch marks, wrinkles or other ‘imperfections’. In terms of diversity, they also feature an amazing range of female and male models in both gendered sections, and have a stunning plus size and maternity range – which is wonderful that they cater for all bodies.

So from dress-down Fridays to vintage chill on a Sunday, these online sites are able to cater to the student budget and make sure you are in keeping with the latest styles. Are there any other places that are at the top of your list? Let us know. Happy Shopping!

Image: Eliza Rawson & Adobe Stock Image License

Disclaimer: The Ruskin Journal takes no responsibility with what you do with your money or student loans. This is purely a suggestion list.


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