The Student Union Election – Last Day!

The Anglia Ruskin Student Union’s election is almost over! From 9am, 5th March – 3pm, 9th March, you will be have been able to vote on a number of important positions within the SU. This week is your chance to have your say and nominate the people who you think will best represent the SU, your course and student life. There are still a few hours left before the vote closes!

You will have the power to nominate a President, four Vice Presidents, four faculty reps and six campaign reps. Those voted in will attend essential meetings on what is going on within the University and will ensure that student voices are not just heard, but acted on. Having just gone down to the busy voting station in Helmore corridor, it is clear that a lot of students are invested in who runs their SU.

I spoke to the ALSS Representation Coordinator Caliana Jakes on why she thinks it is so important for students to have their say. “It’s important for students to choose their leaders as they will represent them for the next year, and they could really make a change.”

So make sure to vote! Around campus there are plenty of posters from all of the candidates that give you a quick breakdown of their manifesto’s, or visit to read their full manifesto so you have an idea of what candidate best represents what you think the SU should be doing for the next year. You can vote on the SU website, or by the stalls on campus (where I see they are giving away sweets and stickers for those who have voted!)

Get voting here:

By Hollie Luck

9th January 2018

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