Culture Focus: Ibiza

It’s February, it’s -2 outside and summer is still four months away. To get the summer buzz back, I will be reminiscing and talking about the top things in…

It’s February, it’s -2 outside and summer is still four months away. To get the summer buzz back, I will be reminiscing and talking about the top things in Ibiza which I loved when I visited last summer, being one of my favourite trips and would highly recommend to anyone! Our culture focus pieces aim to encourage students to look at the wider world, learn about a new culture and give you a chilled reading break from your studies/

First of all, Ibiza can be for the party-goers who love staying out till the sun rises or for the chilled-out kind who love exploring the island’s historic culture – it suits everyone! Ibiza is the third largest island of the Balearic Islands with its capital city being Ibiza Town; mainly split up into two parts – San Antonio (the party part) and Ibiza Town (the chill part.)

San Antonio Beach – The most popular beach on the island, the long strip stretches out for  miles, giving holiday-makers various viewpoints of the island. The beach is surrounded by bars and chill-out places with the most popular being Ibiza Rocks, hosting a variety of bands and artists, performing live throughout the summer season.  There are also a lot of water sport activities to take part in which are a lot of fun!

Ocean Beach – Well known for being the best daytime pool party on the island, Ocean Beach is an absolute must when visiting Ibiza. The venue has a variety of swimming pools, sunbeds, bars and insane DJs, making it one of the most luxurious places on the island. Surrounded by entertainment, acrobats in the air, inflatables covering the pools and giant disco balls, the fun is never-ending, partying till the sun goes down!

Café Mambo – The most iconic bar in the whole of Ibiza. Café Mambo has become renowned for being located in the best place for sunset views, being able to enjoy cocktails, live music and watching the sun set behind the sea, giving off amazing views! BBC Radio 1 tend to host their Ibiza weekender at Café Mambo, adding to its popularity.

Ibiza Town – Full of historic architecture, boutique shops, food markets and a selection of bars, there is plenty to do and see! There are many museums, art galleries and historical churches to admire too, offering something completely different compared to the main strip in San Antonio Bay. The must have food to try when visiting Is Spanish paella, being the Spanish famous dish!

Overall, I think that Ibiza is definitely a place to add to your bucket list if you haven’t been already. Flights out there are relatively cheap and even accommodation is too if you look on the right travel sites online!

By Eliza Rawson 

26th February 2018

Image Credit: Eliza Rawson

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