Female Empowerment: Read about The Rising Network

By Hollie Luck – To celebrate both International Women’s Day and the centenary of women winning the right to vote, The Rising Network is holding an exciting…

By Hollie Luck

To celebrate both International Women’s Day and the centenary of women winning the right to vote, The Rising Network is holding an exciting event full of inspirational workshops and talks for women.

The Rising Network is a forum where women from different industries and expertise can connect with and empower one another. Women can share their experiences and tips, helping each other from how to successfully run a business to how to practise mindfulness in everyday life. With a blog full of useful articles, to hands-on events where you can meet with fellow women face to face, The Rising network ensures to be inclusive of all women from all walks of life.

Their upcoming networking event is The Rising Festival on March 10th. With seven workshops to come along too, there will be something of interest to everyone! One that looks particularly interesting is ‘Be Seen, Be Heard: 10 Smart Ways to Raise Your Profile with Susan Ritchie’, as it promises to tell us 10 ways in which we can positively raise our professional profile, to ensure you stand out in your team and your organisation. Workshops such as these are an amazing opportunity for students to learn what industries are looking for in candidates, as well as boosting your self confidence as you get chatting to many successful, interesting women!

As well as workshops, there are talks and performances for you to enjoy. The Rising Network are offering students a special ticket price of £15, which includes entry to all the workshops, talks, lunch and a happy hour at the end of the day!

To read about the event in full, please follow this link: https://therisingnetwork.com/event/the-rising-festival-evoke-a-journey-of-change-celebrating-international-womens-day/.

As well as this, join the event page on Facebook to let them know you’re coming at: https:// http://www.facebook.com/events/569322006751155/

However, feel like being even more pro-active? Then The Rising Network wants you to help volunteer on the day! In return for volunteering and helping to set up, keep the event running smoothly and cleaning up, The Rising Network will give you free entry to the event so you can still catch some of the workshops whilst getting some great work experience that can go on your CV!

Whether you feel like going as a guest or a volunteer, The Rising Festival is going provide some excellent advice, skills and opportunities for female students out there that want to make sure they are prepared for finding great job opportunities to come graduation!

If volunteering sounds like fun then please email lily@therisingnetwork.com.

For more volunteering opportunities / or if you are interested in volunteering see https://www.angliastudent.com/volunteering/

Image Credit: The Rising Network

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