Top Christmas Movies To Get You In The Spirit!

The end of term is here, and it is time to get cosy with family and friends for the week and take a small break from university work! Here are some…

The end of term is here, and it is time to get cosy with family and friends for the week and take a small break from university work! Here are some suggestions about which Christmas films you should get stuck into this year to bring about your festive feelings.

  • The Nativity (2009) 

This will definitely get you in that Christmas mood if you’re lacking a bit this year. It follows Paul Maddens who after breaking up with his girlfriend at Christmas hates the season. Thankfully his crazy teaching assistant and class help to love it once more. Through somehow the town thinking Hollywood are coming to view their play and the mad adventures that follow by the end you’ll definitely be decking the halls. Watch out for Bob and his mad break dancing moves!

  • Love Actually (2003) 

Following multiple Christmas stories sounds like a difficult task for a film but somehow Richard Curtis does it with ease. Love Actually follows a Prime Minister falling for his assistant, a child falling for a girl in his class learning the drums just to play in a song with her, a couple that have a mad family life with temptation from an office assistant, someone who is trying to write a book who falls for his house keeper, a guy who has fallen for his best friends wife, a guy who goes away for Christmas for lust, and many more not forgetting Rowan Atkinson taking f o r e v e r to gift wrap a present. Watch out for Hugh Grant’s scene dancing to Jump by Girls Aloud and Bill Nigh on a show telling kids to do drugs. However, there is a nice theme to this movie despite everybody’s crazy lives in the run up to Christmas it illustrates that Love actually is all around.

  • Die Hard (1988) 

What’s more Christmassy than Bruce Willis fighting bad guys at a Christmas party? Die Hard follows a cop going to visit his wife for Christmas when some German villains, featuring Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber, take over her works Christmas party and John McClain is the only one who can save them. It includes some crazy classic scenes of John in the air vents and shooting yelling ‘Ho!, Ho!, Ho!’

  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 

If this angry green man doesn’t get you in the spirit I’m not sure what will! This film follows the Grinch who hates everyone he lives on the top of a hill with his dog and avoids Whoville down below. That’s until he gets the idea to steal Christmas from them. The film unfolds with the Grinch making a little friend and learning to love Christmas again, truly hilarious and heartwarming.

  • Jingle All The Way (1996) 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is your guy if you want to begin your countdown. In this film he promises his child to get the most popular toy of the season unknowing that this would be the hardest task he has ever taken on.

  • Home Alone (1990) and Home Alone 2 (1992) 

Okay these films have a weird theme of Kevin McAllister (and Alex in the 3rd) being left home alone A LOT which is great parenting skills! However, he is a smart kid and despite the burglars trying to take his house his slick tricks will not let them. He learns how to live alone and appreciate Christmas more, but not to put aftershave on after shaving …. This is an utter christmas classic! Watch the third of these also to see Alex in the same way but NOT the fourth as it ruins them all!

  • The Holiday (2006)

The Holiday is personally one of my favourite Christmas movies. It follows two women (Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet) who are fed up of their homes and want to escape for Christmas. Amanda is an American movie trailer producer who has just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her and Iris is and English newspaper reporter hopelessly in love with her boss who she has just found out is engaged. They find each other online and decide to house swap for the season. Amanda falls for Iris’s brother and Iris makes friends with her new neighbour and a guy who works for Amanda. The film goes through the holiday season showing the girls different adventures in finding love, it’s a feel-good cheesy film at its best. Watch out for Cameron Diaz living the dream of singing Mr Brightside at the top of her lungs.

  • Elf (2003) 

Elf is about Buddy the Elf who finds out his human identity and so goes to New York to find his father. On the way he spreads his intense excitement for Christmas to everyone he meets and teaches the stuck up business world of Manhattan a thing or two about festive cheer.

Hopefully after marathoning all these you’ll be ready for Christmas if not put on some Christmas tunes, decorate your tree and eat your advent calendar chocolate until you are!!

By Bethany Mattocks

14 December 2017

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