‘Russia 1917: Countdown to Revolution’ (2017) – Documentary Review

By Bethany Mattocks – It’s the centenary of the Russian Revolution this year and so it’s a good time to learn about this important event in history…

By Bethany Mattocks

It’s the centenary of the Russian Revolution this year and so it’s a good time to learn about this important event in history!

This is a documentary that has a countdown to the Russian Revolution showing events day by day until the revolution occurs in October 1917. It explains why the revolution happened and why this is important. The revolution was very important it showed how the people could take power and get what they wanted. It showed a big change in history and affects how the world is today.

This documentary explains the Russian Revolution in a simple yet informative way so even if you have no previous knowledge of Russia you can understand it. It explains the key figures: Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Kerensky and more using historians to get in-depth profiles on them. Also, because of the use of many different historians, it offers many points of view and you do not get bored of hearing the same voice constantly.

I also love all the use of film to depict historical reconstructions as it really illustrates what is being said and makes the documentary incredibly fascinating as it is trying to represent a previous event in history to a contemporary audience.

This year in my studies at university this year I have taken a module about Russia and therefore I find this interesting to see to support the knowledge that I already have, however even if I was not a History student I would be interested. It is amazing how Lenin and the Bolshevik gained the support of the majority of the population and were able to spread his message of creating a Socialist Russia. The people wanted a change after living in such bad conditions, there was mass famine and many lives had been lost in the war. After the Tsar is forced to abdicate there is a Provisional Government created which fails to answer any of the people’s many questions and so when Lenin comes along and establishes himself as a leader the people follow with the hope of change.

Watch this documentary on BBC IPlayer because it is important to learn about our history and understand just why things have happened to prevent the same mistakes being committed.


Image Credit: Lenin Image
Image Credit: Countdown to Revolution Image: British Broadcasting Corporation

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