Nintendo Switch Console Review

By Kiana Rad – So although the Nintendo Switch came out all the way back in March 2017, I have only just managed to get my hands on one; and do I have a lot to say about it…

By Kiana Rad

So although the Nintendo Switch came out all the way back in March 2017, I have only just managed to get my hands on one; and do I have a lot to say about it! So if you don’t already know, the Switch is the newest gaming console released by Nintendo since the Wii U and it has lots more key features added to it to make it a console for everyone. Not only is it a handheld console you can take anywhere much like many consoles Nintendo are famous for, but it also has a docking system you can plug it into for a seamless transition to playing on a television with friends and family. The two remotes that can attach and detach from the console screen can also act as two separate remotes which have similar point-and-click functioning to the classic Wii remotes. The remotes can also slide into a controller frame that comes included and be made into one classic gaming controller if that is more comfortable.

So there are many ways in which the Switch can be played but how is the functionality of the console? Well, in my opinion, it is one of the highest functioning handheld consoles on the market right now. The one negative I may express is that not a whole lot of well-known games are available to the Switch at the moment, but as there is a whole line up being announced for the upcoming year I have no doubt in my mind that this will change very soon. Besides this, the gaming experience is unlike anything else I’ve seen. Here are some key features that make it a smart gaming buy.

The Display

The Switch’s console screen is a large 6.2 inches and also includes a 1080p by 720p LCD display with added touchscreen features, making the gaming experience fully immersive and very high quality.

Battery Life

Although there have been a lot of complaints about the battery life being too short on the console, I believe that for a larger handheld console with the much larger screen and higher display quality than its predecessors it is sufficient enough. Plus for the first time, a USB-C charging port has been added to the console for a faster charge as well as more seamless connectivity to the docking system.

Easy Multiplayer  

Now, this console may not be good for people who don’t like lots of different pieces and add ons, but the two ‘joy-cons’ attached to the console having the ability to detach and become two separate remotes actually work in favour of gamers who prefer multiplayer. For the first time, we see a console that comes with a single controller when attached to the console or controller frame, and can also transform to become two smaller ready to use remotes when detached. It clearly shows that the Switch is meant to be shared.

Lots of Potential Memory Space 

A little add on which will come in very handy as your game collection grows is the ability to save game software on a micro SD card. Behind the kickstand feature is a little slot for the card and can add up to an extra 128gb of storage (if you really need it). This way you can download your physical copies on there as well as many digital downloads from the Nintendo eShop.

Take it Anywhere 

This is the most important and greatest feature by far on the Nintendo Switch. You do not have to be bound to the TV and can take the console anywhere you like and play on the go. Even with just the console screen you can play 2 player or hold the remote separate to the screen like you would on a TV if that is your preferred gaming mode. Simply pop the kickstand open and place it on a flat surface and get playing!

All in all, there aren’t very many negatives about this console at all. It works to give a high functioning and immensely fun gaming experience for everyone of all ages.

Hopefully, very soon I’ll be able to give you guys a little review on some of the most popular games out on the Switch right now but until then thanks for reading and happy gaming to you all!

Image Credit: Kiana Rad

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